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Girls Wear Pink!

DATE ADDED: April 17, 2022
VIDEO LENGTH: 16 min 30 sec

Sydney shows up for a wrestling session expecting a tough, strong, male opponent. When Mike shows up looking “pretty in pink” (Sydney’s favorite color), she totally loses it. “Girls wear Pink!” she snarls, putting him on the defensive right from the start. From there it’s all downhill for Mike as Sydney throws him around like a rag doll, destroying him with scissors, sleepers, breast smothers, crotch grabs, schoolgirl pins, and face sitting. Mike flails his scrawny arms and legs, shrieking and whimpering like the total sissy that he is. Sydney forces him to feel her biceps and her quads, then makes him admit that she is WAY too strong for him. By the end of the session, Sydney decides that Mike is not tough enough to be a girl, and that he should never wear her favorite color again. If you enjoy seeing a beautiful, powerful female destroy a sissy bitch boi, then pull up a chair for this humiliating be

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