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Irene Silver demolishes her opponent! – Mixed Wrestling

DATE ADDED: March 22, 2024
VIDEO LENGTH: 10 min 10 sec

In this new wrestling match, the atmosphere is heated as Irene Silver steps onto the mats. Her confidence radiating as she faces her opponent for this mixed wrestling match. From the start, Irene Silver demonstrates her agility, swiftly dodging her opponent’s advances and countering with precision moves. The match intensifies with each passing moment, as Irene Silver demolishes her opponent! With determination and resilience, Irene Silver unleashes a flurry of moves, culminating in a spectacular takedown that leaves her opponent momentarily stunned. Seizing the opportunity, Irene Silver executes flawless pins, head scissors, figure fours, Boston crabs, arm bars, breast smothers and disabling submission holds! This new male vs female mixed wrestling match at exudes female dominance!

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