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Payback Is A Bitch II

DATE ADDED: March 7, 2018
VIDEO LENGTH: 18 min 56 sec

In “Payback Is A Bitch I”, Sydney subdues Cheyenne and gets her back for what Cheyenne and her slave did to Sydney’s friend Skylar.  Well, Cheyenne was utterly humiliated at the hands of Sydney, and Cheyenne’s slave was no where to be found for protection…. And she’s not happy.  This stupid slave did not protect Cheyenne against Sydney, so now Cheyenne is making him pay BIG TIME!  As soon as the slave gets home from the store, Cheyenne tortures and humiliates him in every way possible.  I think it’s safe to say he will never screw up again.
Length: 18 min 56 sec

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Cheyenne’s slave failed to protect her… How bad will his punishment be?


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