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Stretched Wide Open! Part I

DATE ADDED: May 9, 2020

Sydney and Nadia take yoga classes together. Their young instructor gets super handsy with them and stretches them both wide open! Enjoy being a fly on the wall watching the two buff beauties pose and hold yoga moves in tiny thongs and sports bras. This clip will have you wanting to take yoga!

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Sydney and Nadia have been training intensely building their fit, muscular & powerful physiques. What to complete their training regimine they incorporate private in home yoga classes.
Their young, handsome yoga instructor, Sal ensures that these two strong Goddesses are stretched so deep & so wide, providing them both that relief they’ve been looking for.
Sal takes them through various yoga sequences loosening their hips allowing their legs to be stretched wide open, releasing lower back tension.
His healing powers then tend to their tight chest muscles…Sals hands on approach, provides their full chests with mega pleasure as his healing hands work wonders…
Moaning and deep breathing happened naturally throughout the class including showing off their strengthened and full muscles to each other…
Nadia and Sydney make sure Sal worships their beautiful buff bodies and remind him how lucky he is to be teaching two of the hottest powerful women alive!

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