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Topless Pheromone Challenge! @MuscleBarbie001 @AlliseaSydney

DATE ADDED: June 24, 2023
VIDEO LENGTH: 21 min 26 sec

Two attractive women, Sydney Thunder and Muscle Barbie, are vying for the affections of a particular gentleman. Their competition comes down to who emits the most potent pheromones to entice him! Their animal ways led them to battle with armpit sniffing, rubbing their armpits together mixing their scents, belly slapping, bear hugs, arm wrestling and dominating each other in order to win the battle for his attention and affection. These two animals were intertwined body to body, cheek to cheek the intensity of these two sexy female beasts will take over the edge! Who will come out on top in this battle of attraction? Only time will tell.

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