The Secrets of Female Domination

The history of human civilization is often told through the lens of male dominance. But what about the role of women? While it is true that men have held the majority of positions of power throughout history, there have been periods when women have been the dominant sex. Some anthropologists believe that human societies were once dominated by women. At Elite Sirens, women are without question the superior and dominant species!

The Desire for Female Domination

Female Domination is a popular topic and there are many different reasons why people enjoy this type of play. For some, it is a way to explore their fantasies of being controlled. For others, it is a way to escape reality into another world!

No matter the reason, there is no doubt that Female Domination is here to stay.  Lucky for you if you are interested in exploring your femdom fantasies there are many resources available to help you discover your submissive side.  Check out the videos we make here at Elite Sirens or head over to our sister site

The FemDom

A Female Dominant is a woman who is in control of men who submit to her, this can manifest in several different ways, but the most common is through sexual domination. In a FemDom dynamic, the woman is in charge of what kinds of activity will take place. The man will simply obey her commands and fulfil her desires.

Check out this clip of Sydney showing of all of her Dominance in a sexy POV special

Types of Female Domination

Female Domination can take many different forms, from lighthearted and playful to intense and serious. There are many different types of female domination, each with its unique appeal. For the most part, the thrill comes from the power dynamics involved, with the dominant woman in complete control.

Sensual Domination

Sensual Domination focuses on the pleasure of the submissive partner and uses dominance as a way to heighten sexual excitement. This can include helpless close contact. Imagine a strong woman dominating you, making you obey her and then taking your cock out of your pants and doing whatever she wants with you and you have no say in the matter.

Check out one of our sensual domnation clips and see how Sydney finds her way on top of this smaller guys, see how she takes control and grabs his cock and slides it in between her muscular thighs giving him a thigh job until he cums! 

Verbal Domination & Humiliation

Verbal Domination & humiliation is when the dominant woman takes a psychological approach using her words and actions to make you feel small and helpless. Imagine a Goddess standing over you as she tells you to get down on your knees taunting you because of how weak you are.  Or comparing your skinny little legs or arms without any muscle compared to her pure beauty and amozoness body!

Public Domination

Many women enjoy dominating submissive men in more public settings, such as at work or in social situations. This can create a sense of excitement and adventure, as well as a sense of control and power. Imagine being out in full view of everyone doing exactly what your Goddess tells you to do, no questions asked, no matter how embarrassed it makes you feel!

Watch this clip as 4 of our beautiful goddesses make this inferior guy tend to their feet with foot massage, toe sucking, foot gagging…a foot fetish delight!

Physical Domination

Other women enjoy a more hands-on approach, using their bodies and their power to dominate and control their partners. They may enjoy physical activities such as pinning their partners down or restraining them with handcuffs or rope. Other forms of physical domination include wrestling and feats of strength. Imagine being trapped under the body of a strong muscular goddess. Her hard muscles rubbing against you as you wriggle and squirm to try and helplessly break free!

Watch this clip and see how Big Red proceeds to own and kick this landscapers ass for being noisy with her powerful head scissors, choke holds, pins and more!

Discover your FemDom Fantasies

No matter what type of domination a woman enjoys, one thing is for sure: when she is in charge, the pleasure is guaranteed to be intense. If you're ready to explore your hidden desires and discover your submissive side Elite Sirens is the perfect place to start.


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