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Sheena Bathory demolishes Eddie Paradise – Mixed Wrestling

DATE ADDED: October 23, 2022
VIDEO LENGTH: 12 min 19 sec

Sheena Bathory takes on Eddie Paradise in this SAVAGE mixed wrestling match. Paradise has a lot of guts to take on one of the best female wrestlers in the world. It’s no day in paradise for Eddie as she slaughters him with ruthless arm bars, Boston crabs, face sitting, head scissors, choke holds and submissions. She folds his limbs like origami as he screams and gasps for air, kicking him then saying, “get up”… he’s in a world of hurt, humiliation and it’s just a horror scene for Eddie. Sheena is just like Jason Voorhees in the Halloween movies…she keeps coming back to her victim, Eddie, toying with him and dominating him in every which way possible. Her muscular thick thighs, juicy powerful ass squeeze every ounce of air, every ounce of dignity from him…this match is quite simply the best competitive wrestling match, ever. Sheena’s one dominant female and such a powerful woman! Enjoy!

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