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We shrunk you and your family! Giantess + Vore

DATE ADDED: May 24, 2024
VIDEO LENGTH: 17 min 55 sec

Skylar and Sydney shrink you and your entire family down and now you lot are itty bitty and they will do whatever they want to you! They’re so amused and turned on that you and your family are at their mercy. They’re giantess and now you are the size of a freckle! Always up for a good time Sky and Syd tease you by nibbling on your entire body and enjoy hearing your bones crunch. Tossing you in their big breasts and bulging biceps squeezing the life out of you! Slowly toying with you and your whole family, oddly enough they were getting turned on by dominating your entire family. You won’t believe what else they did… imagine being stuffed and kept in their giant pussies?! They wouldn’t dare…guess again!

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